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       Awakenings is a provider of personalized computer reports and a distributor of astrological and metaphysical software for a variety of software companies.  
       On this page you will find links to well over a dozen websites providing over a hundred personalized reports that can be viewed from samples, purchased online or mailed. Information on the software that produces these reports can also be viewed through screen shots and text written samples.  

                       Specialized astrology sites operated by Awakenings, Inc.                

Astrocartography and relocation astrology:       duplicate site -      
Birth Chart Astrology:              Reduced package prices
Biorhythms:        duplicate site - 
Karmic and Past Life Astrology:       duplicate site -

Career Astrology:     duplicate site-         
Reduced package prices
Child Astrology:    duplicate site-       
Reduced package prices      
Relationship astrology:         
Reduced package prices
Fixed Stars, Chiron and Asteroids:
Astrology Forecasting:
Cards of Destiny:   
Tarot Software:
Chinese Astrology:
General Astrology :      duplicate site-

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Links to other interesting places:   

AFAN: Association for Astrological Networking.                                                                                                           

NCGR:  National Council for Geocosmic Research                                                                        

ISAR:  International Society for Astrological Research

Astrology Center of America: Looking for an out of print astrology book? Here's a place where you have a chance to find it!


BEYOND ASTROLOGY.......  Mercury                                         astrology reports, astrology sign , astrology software, astrology horoscope online, astrology

Pictures of Jesus and Mary

Pictures of Archangels

Pictures and teachings of Krishna

Urantia Book Information:  About Deity and the planes of creation, etc.                                                        

Alice Bailey and Lucis Trust: Esoteric reading                                                                                         

Transcendental Meditation:  A tool for transcendence and self-realization                                                                            


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